Friday, December 31, 2010

How much do I miss jai-alai? (And wagering on jai-alai?)

I was at the bowling alley today mentally assigning over/unders to people as they took to the their lanes based on little more than age, whether or not they had their own ball and shoes, how puzzled they seemed by the scoring computer, and whether they seemed fidgety or focused. I was thinking it would be fun to sit in back with a buddy and offer each other bets on stuff like whether this one will roll a strike the entire game, or that one can put three marks in a row, or the five-year-old with bumpers up +50 vs. his father in lane 18. 

In other news, my bowling skills have all but evaporated after two decades or so of neglect. Forty-year-old me would need +20 vs. twelve-year-old me. 
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