Monday, December 13, 2010

Ten Years Later: Looking back on a forecast of Dark Times Ahead

cryptonaut-in-exile: Dark Times Ahead

Gore, in the act of conceding.

Not that you had to be especially prescient a decade ago to realize we were in for a world of hurt under the less than watchful eye of the worst President, I'd argue, this nation has ever endured. Ten years later, it's soul-crushing to watch more of the same corporate-issue clowns get elected to Congress by willing dupes to block the already more than sufficiently milquetoast efforts of our current President.

After the 9/11 attacks happened on Bush's watch, after the response to Katrina was bungled on his watch, after the economy was run into the ground on his watch, after exploding the deficit, after increasing the size and intrusiveness of government, after hamstringing important regulatory agencies so his cronies could run wild and defraud us of billions of dollars, after entangling us in two unwinnable wars of aggression ... and this list of failures is by no means comprehensive ... after all that, George W. Bush says the worst thing to happen to him while he was in office was a pop singer calling him a racist.

Richard Burr's relative cakewalk to re-election in the 2010 midterms is a sign, IMO, that NC's 15 electoral votes will be cast for almost any candidate the Republicans run in 2012 instead of going to Obama again. I'm afraid it's going to take the GOP imploding in order for the Democrat's retain the White House. (And, by "imploding," I mean running Sarah Palin.)
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