Monday, December 6, 2010

New car is go! (Our long national nightmare of uncertainty about my next car is over.)

Honda Fit - the Official Honda Web Site:

This one for me.
All I wanted was a little, fuel-efficient, inexpensive (yet reliable) car for commuting, that the car seats could fit into easily in a pinch. All day Friday and Saturday I negotiated with a series of dealers for new and used cars, coming close to affixing my chop several times only to walk away when we couldn't grind out a mutually agreeable price. Several years ago, I owned a Civic of which -- except for its spectacular failure, in a blizzard, in Chicago, with a car full of weary travelers (not Irish gypsies, just recently de-planed friends) -- I was quite fond. I'm hoping for a longer ride and a less ignominious end with the Fit.
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