Monday, January 17, 2011

Pledge and enter for your chance to win 300 dollars worth of Doctor Who Toys

Comics Forge | Blog | Enter for your chance to win 300 dollars worth of Doctor Who Toys:

KBTC, the local Tacoma Washington Public Television Station on the 22 end of January 2011 at 6 PM Seattle (PST) time, is doing their semi-annual Doctor Who Pledge a Thon, and one of our site sponsors, Alternating Reality will be on board to help support Classic Doctor Who on PBS. KBTC is one of the few if not the last Public Television Stations in the USA to air Classic Doctor Who on TV. Alternating Reality is sponsoring this pledge a thon’s door prize, 300.00 dollars worth of Classic Doctor Who Toys.
If it weren't for CPTV and the Springfield, MA Public TV stations playing Doctor Who episodes on weeknights, and running a full story Saturday nights, when I was a kid in the late 70s-early 80s, I might not have learned about the show until was too late. I don't know if the dynamic is the same in the era of digital cable, torrents, and DVD (Blu-Ray now, I suppose) as it was when I was little, but I love the idea of the show being available on free, broadcast TV so kids can continue discover it the way I did.

I've got a reminder in my calendar to make the call to 1-800-325-5877 on Saturday, January 22nd to make a pledge, and I hope UNC-TV notices that this NC resident is pledging to a Washington station in support of Doctor Who.

Also, that there's a Who prize possibility? Love it.

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