Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blogging Forefather Seeks to Re-Invent Blogging, Again

Blogging Forefather Seeks to Re-Invent Blogging, Again:
Dave Winer, a man who was key to the creation and growth of blogging, RSS, podcasting, OPML and several more technical standards that helped social media become what it is today, announced this morning that he's working on a new technology, a simple blogging tool that keeps an archival copy of your content on your servers, but pushes it out onto whatever other publishing platform you choose, whether that be Tumblr, Twitter or 'whatever new corporate blogging silo is popular next year or the year after.'
The comments on the article are contentious, not that that should be a surprise ("People on the internet have passionate convictions about a sketchy description of something they just read about five seconds ago and are calling each other names over it. I can't believe it!"), and as usual, they typically say more about the people doing the commenting than the content on which they're commenting.
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