Monday, December 6, 2010

We expect Gonzalez to post gonzo numbers in Fenway.

Eric Wilbur's Boston Sports Blog:
But the Red Sox finally have their man in Gonzalez, a man whose name had been linked with Boston for so long most (mea culpa) thought it a virtual certainty that at some point he'd end up peppering the wall at Fenway Park with his luscious inside-out swing. And the projections of what he can do with it at Fenway Park are astonishing.
By the numbers, it sure looks like the Sox have a superstar signed. I just hope he's got the kind of poise and personality that can handle the transition from laid-back San Diego to the flashing bulbs and sports talk poison of the Boston market. 

Drooling at the thought of Ortiz, Gonzalez, and Youkilis batting consecutively. I take it this means Beltre will not be back and Youk moves to third. I'm OK with that.
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