Monday, December 6, 2010

The three Rs: repetition, repetition, and repetition.

Debate 2.0 | HiLobrow:

Recently a brilliant robot (or ‘bot, as they’re called if they’re just software) appeared on Twitter. Built by Aussie developer Nigel Leck, and as blogged by the good folks at GOOD, it’s the Climate Change Chatbot, nicknamed Turing Test. It scans the Twitterverse for the repetition of climate-skeptic arguments, which it then retweets with a link to a scientific article debunking the claim. It does this every 5 minutes; it does this tirelessly, it does this accurately, it does this so the originator of the tweet will receive an informed response, and if they repeat they will receive another. And another. And another. And in case anyone would like to peruse the stream of arguments and evaluate for themselves who might be winning the argument, it is free and public, you don’t need a Twitter account to view the stream: Twitter Climate Change Chatbot.

Evolution skeptics next?
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