Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Screwed by the town of Cary?

Judge: Cary violated homeowner's freedom of speech :: WRAL.com:

Screwed or screw loose?

Senior U.S. District Judge Louise W. Flanagan wrote in a ruling, issued Tuesday afternoon, that the town violated Bowden’s freedom of speech when it enforced the ordinance in a way that would have prevented him from expressing a message of political protest.
I understand the guy is upset, and it sounds like the town did screw him. But, it also sounds like they tried to make it right and he flipped his lid because they wouldn't buy his house. It may be splitting hairs, but I think there's a difference between spray-painting your message on your house and putting up a yard sign or hanging a banner. The latter two options don't look like vandalism. It seems odd to me to make this a speech issue. If he had put up a sign or banner, and had been fined, then I'd be on his side.
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