Sunday, December 5, 2010

Graham states the obvious. (But I wish he'd keep it on the downlow.)

Graham: GOP 'made some pretty poor choices' for Senate candidates this fall - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room:

Contemplative Lindsey Graham. Image via HuffPo.

Graham, in a Senate floor speech on Saturday, made an aside comment underscoring the frustration the GOP faced after some Tea Party-aligned nominees fell short in their campaigns.

'The House had a dramatic election. We picked up seats in the Senate,' Graham said, video of which is posted by C-SPAN. 'Some of us thought, maybe we could pick up two or three more, but we made some pretty poor choices when it came to candidates.'
Shorter Lindsey Graham: "In retrospect, 'Going Full Retard' in Nevada, Maryland, Colorado, New York, Connecticut, and Alaska wasn't such a great strategy."

But, hey, it worked in Florida and Kentucky and didn't even cost them the seat in Alaska, so it wasn't a complete failure. Feel free to employ the same strategy next time.

Meanwhile, C Street twat Mike Pence continues to fiddle with his hat next to the ring labelled 2012.
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