Thursday, April 14, 2011

The First Amendment should protect the religious from government and the government from the religious

AU Criticizes Appeals Court Ruling Dismissing Challenge To National Day Of Prayer | Americans United:

How about a National Day of Let's
Read and Discuss the Bill of Rights instead?

“Under the court’s logic, Congress could order the president to declare the United States a Christian nation – and no one could challenge it in court,” Lynn continued. “That, to be blunt, makes a mockery of the First Amendment’s religious liberty protections.”

Lynn objected to the court’s assertion that religious proclamations issued by government cause people no harm. Rather, he said, they create the impression that some people (those who choose to pray) are insiders while everyone else is an outsider.

“Government shouldn’t be in the business of advising people to pray, period,” Lynn said. “Americans who want to engage in religious activities are quite capable of consulting the religious leaders of their choice.”
I would LMAO if, with an impish smile, Barack Obama issued the proclamation in the form of the Islamic call to prayer.

Of course, as hilarious as it would be hear the poor, persecuted Christian pols howl if so enjoined, it would probably start the Second Civil War pretty much instantly. When the proclamation (which, to be fair, I'm sure will be non-denominational and leave room for secular thanksgiving, as it did last year) is issued, I'll just respond, "Shut up,' then consult a compass so I can ensure I'm facing the White House when I make a symbolic mildly rude gesture.
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