Thursday, February 10, 2011

Secular Student Alliance adding chapters

Secular Student Alliance: Atheists, Humanists, Agnostics & Others |

'We're witnessing a major shift in our society,' said Communications Director Jesse Galef. 'More students are proudly calling themselves atheists, which inspires others to do the same. We used to go out and find them. Now, they're springing up everywhere and finding us, asking to join the movement.'
The SSA has shown remarkable growth recently, up from 100 affiliates in fall of 2008. Starting this year, they have made a push to expand their services to high school students. After reaching 12 high school affiliates in the past four years, five new high school groups have joined in the past month alone. 30 additional campuses have requested the group starting packets this year in an effort to begin the process.
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