Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bull City Burger and Brewery sounds like it will be a must-visit when making the trip to see Bulls.

We want a Golden Bull! | Carpe Durham:

“If itʼs on the menu at Bull City Burger and Brewery, we most likely will have made it from scratch or bought it locally,” said Gross. “Weʼll grind the beef daily, make the buns, make the mustard, make the ketchup, pickle the pickles and stuff our all-beef hotdogs. No corn syrup, no added hormones, no antibiotics and, we will focus on making the best burger and hotdog we can produce.”


  1. Sounds pretty excellent ... except I had to reread because I couldn't figure out what it meant by "pickle the pickles" and thought it was a typo at first. I'm a little slow sometimes :-)

  2. I'll say they're taking it step to far if I go in there and they're sanding and staining their own furniture, blowing the glassware by hand, and using a loom to make the fabric for the tablecloths. I suspect pickling is toeing the line in the sand between having a respectable D.I.Y. ethic and having an obsessive compulsive disorder.


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