Monday, February 21, 2011

Duke Summer 2011 Course: ’21st Century Science Fiction’

Summer 2011 Course: ’21st Century Science Fiction’ Gerry Canavan

Image via Gerry Canavan

This looks great: World War Z, District 9, Dollhouse. But, it's at Duke, so I must find a way to critique it ...

Avatar?! 1. That it's included. 2. That it's the selling point. Dances With Thundersmurfs 101, coming to a college campus near you!

OK, with that out of the way, I can go back to wishing I could take this course.


  1. Why not just check out the books from the library? Do you have to take the class and have a professor ruin the literature for you?

  2. Have to? No, of course not. Besides, I've read the books already (accept Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom -- which I'm taking your advice on and just started to download for the kindle), my thought was just that it would be fun to discuss them in an academic setting; my experience with college was a professor couldn't really ruin a class for me, they'd either help me get more out of a text than I would on my own, or not.

  3. Free download of Down and Out is here, btw:

  4. My wife does a book club for that sort of reason. The kind of stuff I read... groups that meet to talk about them aren't called book clubs, they're called "churches" and "mosques" and "temples" and "stupas" and "audit centers."

    It is fun talking about something in a group of people, including an expert.


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