Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pot-bellied service pig shot with bow and arrow. (O #Fuquay, why do they call us "country" again?)

Service pig accidentally killed by deputy ::

RIP Blue

An off-duty Wake County sheriff's deputy shot and killed Blue with a bow and arrow last week because he thought the animal was a wild boar. Blue had gotten out of his pen and walked into the neighbor's yard.
Look, in all seriousness, I know this is hard for the family that lost a pet, and I feel for them. It was actually a relief, too, to read that the animal wasn't shot with a gun. It wasn't that long ago that another family lost a dog in a similar fashion. So, apologies for the cheap laugh, and credit to the Sickles family for saying the forgive the neighbor.

Are wild boars actually an issue around here? 
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