Monday, February 21, 2011

Police: Argument over family dog led to murder-suicide

Police: Argument over family dog led to murder-suicide - Chicago Sun-Times:
A trip to collect the family dog turned deadly when a man shot his daughter’s boyfriend to death, then turned the gun on himself Sunday night in northwest suburban Palatine.
I hear you, NRA fan, if he hadn't had a gun, he might've used a samurai sword, or whatever, and everybody involved would've died slower, in more pain. Settle down. I'm not saying firearms are the only instruments of murder-suicides. Heck, maybe if the boyfriend had been packing all of this could've been avoided with a harmless shoot-out. You may be right.

But, there is this: the fact that he had a gun at all was our first clue that he was a dangerous lunatic. Now, I hear you stammering with rage again, so I'll grant you that not all gun owners are dangerous lunatics. I only ask that you grant me this: without guns, those that are lunatics are less dangerous. See? We can disagree on the main issue, find some common ground, and still get along.

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