Friday, February 3, 2012

New Hampshire bill would mandate Bible study in public schools

Co-sponsor Rep. Sue DeLemus ... said schools need a requirement from the state "so it's safe for all schools to feel comfortable offering this course ..."  
"It's the foundation of our republic. The Bible. It's as simple as that," [Rep. Bergevin] said.
You want "schools to feel comfortable," indoctrinating children with your brand of hocus-pocus?!  I want my kids, and every family that sends their children to public schools, to feel safe from your barbaric and immoral superstitious claptrap. I want them to study literature, science, history, math, social studies, art, music, philosophy, social studies, home economics, industrial arts, and a foreign language (like Spanish).

Must we have this argument over and over and over again? Fucking drop it already, assholes. Shove your Bible down your own kids' throats in your churches, private schools, and in the privacy of your homes, if you must, but don't you dare push that crap in public schools.

This. Is. A. Secular. Nation.


  1. What ever happened to separation of Church & State?


    1. Ask one of the sponsors of the bill and I'll wager they'd tell you they think that's a liberal ploy and trot out one of the their shopworn canards about how "the words 'separation of church and state' don't appear in the Constitution," or describe their fantasy history where the Framers were all evangelical Christians.


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