Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Stand With Planned Parenthood

Support Planned Parenthood | Racialicious:

The right wing has taken pains to paint Planned Parenthood as some sort of ghoulish “Abortions R Us” factory. And yet, little is mentioned of Planned Parenthood’s extensive counseling services, particuarly for women who are on the fence about their pregnancy. A close friend of mine visited the clinic for an abortion, at the urging of her mother. Her mother, a teen parent herself, told my friend she would be ruining her life if she moved forward with the pregnancy, and that she would be forced to move out if she chose to keep the child. My friend later told me she began to cry when the clinicians prepped her for the sonogram. The staffers asked if she was sure, and she said to them “I can never really be sure about something like this.” They sent her home.
This link has been sitting in my Starred items list in gReader for a long time; recent events prompted me to go looking for it and finally share it. The pull quote isn't why I support PP, thought it's a reason anti-abortion noisemakers should be noting well, it's all sum total of the services they provide to women (and men) who would not otherwise have access to the care and referrals they provide.

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