Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When Lucius talks, I listen.

SF Signal: MIND MELD: Science Fiction Films That Surprised Us -- In Good Ways and Bad Ways (With Video):
Gareth Edwards' Monsters surprised me by taking a pulp idea---spores brought back to earth on a crashed NASA probe grow into monsters the size of apartment blocks--and turning it into a character-driven drama/science fiction flick...and all for a reputed 15K.
The quote is from Lucius Shepard's contribution to the discussion. It was Lucius who got me into Yo La Tengo, an abiding musical love, and I've read nearly everything he's written over the years -- he and Kim Stanley Robinson have what I think of as the Shelves of Honor in my library.  So, when Lucius makes a recommendation, I check it out. 

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