Friday, February 4, 2011

Man rescues boy who fell on rail track while on his Sony PSP

PC Alessandro Micalizzi rescues boy who fell on rail track while on his Sony PSP | Mail Online:

The boy, who has not been named, was caught on video on his way home from school, clearly engrossed in his Sony PSP as he walked along the platform edge of a busy underground station.

Commuters and other passengers watched in horror as the boy slipped and fell onto the tracks just before the entrance to the tunnel but off-duty police officer Alessandro Micalizzi raced to the rescue.
When humanity goes extinct, I think they're going to find iPhones, PSPs, DSs, or the near-future equivalents thereof (3D HD contact lens video monitors, whatever), in all our hands, our corpses strewn across subway tracks, in mall fountains, or with the tire tracks across our backs: the cars that ran us over plowed in to nearby brick walls by the same hit-and-run distracted drivers -- their own devices found stuffed in their mouths by the force of the airbag deployment. "Entertained to extinction," alien archeologists of the future will conclude.
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