Saturday, February 12, 2011

Enfield, CT library took the heat, showed 'Sicko,' and a 9/11 first responder showed up in support.

'Sicko' Documentary Draws More Than 50 Viewers To Enfield Library -

Graham suffered from lung problems and post-traumatic stress disorder after working at ground zero following the 2001 terrorist attack at the World Trade Center. Like two other 9/11 first-responders in the film, he couldn't afford his treatment.

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'I heard about the trials and tribulations' in Enfield after the decision to cancel the earlier showing of 'Sicko,' said Graham, an advocate for universal health care. 'I wanted to make sure that the movie was shown.'

He thanked the library for showing the movie and for 'taking the heat.'

Since the decision to cancel the first showing of 'Sicko,' the library has addressed complaints by adding movies to its Friday Films series that offer different points of view on health care, education, religion and the environment."
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