Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Doodling and the artistic tempermant.

Flavorwire » Idle Doodles by Famous Authors:

Everybody doodles. There’s just something about an idle moment and a blank space on a page that invites a little design or two. Plus, there is some evidence that active doodlers are also active thinkers and imaginers. After all, John Keats doodled flowers in the margins of his manuscripts, and Leonardo DaVinci is famous for his love of doodling. There’s even a whole book dedicated to the doodles our various presidents have scribbled – we hope not while they were supposed to be paying attention to anything important. But everybody’s doodles are different – like dreams, they are culled directly from the loose bits floating around in our brains, and their expression is really only inhibited by the doodler’s physical abilities and/or hand-eye coordination.
If you read my notes from 99% of the meetings or conference calls I've ever attended, you'd think they were about aliens invading the planet of advanced bears and landsharks. So, I won't read anything into Plath's dreams of hot dogs and marshmallows.
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