Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chamberlin's Law Seeks to Make Pet Neglect Illegal

Chamberlin's Law Seeks to Make Pet Neglect Illegal | Change.org News:

North Carolina State Senator Don Vaughan knows cruelty when he sees it, and that's why on the first day the North Carolina General Assembly convened, he wrote and submitted SB 2 — Chamberlin's Law.

The problem with Chamberlin's case is that the person who left him in that lot to die probably won't see much in the way of punishment. Certainly, Chamberlin's abuser won't get anything close to the punishment most of us would like to see. Guilford County prosecutors want justice, but the existing laws make it tough. They have to prove intentional malice, and that's a hard standard to meet in a trial.

Chamberlin's law would change that, making it illegal to 'recklessly' neglect your pets. Whether you meant to harm them or not, someone who allowed what happened to Chamberlin would be a criminal. It's the right kind of law, both legally and morally.


People of NC -- Our representatives need to hear from you in support of Chamberlin's Law -- http://bit.ly/hSspLOMon Feb 07 18:00:20 via bitly
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