Tuesday, February 8, 2011

At End-Of-The Line Prison, An Unlikely Escape (Vipassana meditation in lock-up.)

At End-Of-The Line Prison, An Unlikely Escape : NPR

Deep in the Bible Belt, an ancient Eastern practice is taking root in the unlikeliest of places: Alabama's highest security prison.
Heard in the car on the way into work. Here's my Yankee prejudice showing, but damn, if I had to listen to the accent of a mush-mouthed Alabama prison chaplain, I would have to be physically restrained. Worse than nails on chalkboard listening that guy. Also, he's against the meditation, despite the pacifying effect on prisoners, because it's not in keeping with Christian tradition? Good grief, moron, get over yourself. (Are our tax dollars being wasted on Christian indoctrination in prisons all across the country?) 

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