Friday, June 3, 2011

Cult food (An examination of fringe religions and their restaurants)

Cosmic cookery: How fringe religious groups helped launch the health-food movement. - By Daniel Fromson - Slate Magazine:

Image via Slate

I must confess that at first the idea of eating at restaurants where waiters might be hoping to convert me seemed a little creepy. And since these places are run by groups that many people consider "cults," a quick Google search is practically guaranteed to turn up unappetizing allegations of misogyny, child abuse, homophobia, racism, brainwashed and unpaid staff, and so on.
In response to the challenge in the Browser piece that led me to this article, I don't think the Attleboro Cult ever ran a restaurant. (In fact, part of their undoing had to not with not feeding their children ...)
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