Sunday, June 26, 2011

#FollowAnyday @TheStevenWeber For the betterment of ... "one's self" or "oneself"?

Hanging one's self by the penis and frenetically rubbing one's face until one vomits adds a lil' spice to the ol' autoerotic asphyxiation.Sun Jun 26 21:01:08 via Twitter for iPhone

Per Grammarist:
The two-word phrase one’s self is only appropriate when self is used in a spiritual, philosophical, or psychological sense. In all other cases, one’s self should be replaced with the pronoun oneself.
I'm leaning towards "oneself" as appropriate choice for the tweet above but I'm not confident a case couldn't be made for the self doing the hanging having a psychological distance from the self being hanged in the imagined scenario, thereby introducing the requisite "spiritual, philosophical, or psychological" usage basis for the preference of the two word phrase.

I prefer to think about the grammar of this tweet because IT IS WAY TOO DISTURBING TO THINK ABOUT IT ANY OTHER WAY!

"Don't ask me." (Image via
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