Saturday, June 18, 2011

5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Make Kids Smarter (Or, at least help them be better students.)

5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Make Kids Smarter |

Sneak a quick peek around your office/classroom/rodeo clown school. Chances are you're going to see one co-worker yawning and rubbing her eyes, another guy pulling the droopy-lid zombie glare and one person who is as chipper and alert as a coked-up bunny rabbit. How do we know? Because two out of three adult Americans are walking around sleep-deprived, that's how. And we push our messed-up sleep patterns off on our kids.
I didn't know I sleep apnea (or what that even was) back in high school, but anybody who every heard me sleeping new something wasn't right. I don't know that another hour would've helped me stay away all day as much as a having wider airways or a CPAP machine would have, but it couldn't have hurt.
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