Saturday, June 11, 2011

From the "Where are they now?" files: Brix Smith-Start

'I hate cruel fashion brands' says Brix Smith-Start | Life & Style

The Smiths (Mark and Brix) via bedmarton

At puberty, as 'a weird control thing', she started eating more and more to make her father love her. He then rejected his 'chubby' daughter, saying, 'Gee, you could be so beautiful if you would just lose weight. I'm going to buy you a new wardrobe if you lose 20lb.' 
As she recalls: 'I grew up feeling fat and ugly. Even when I was in The Fall and a size 6, and voted one of the Top Sexiest Female Musicians by NME, right behind Debbie Harry, I never felt beautiful.' 
'Daddy damage' can cast a long shadow, she agrees.
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