Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eternal Sunshine of the Recovering Addict's Mind

Memory Extinction Technique Found to Relieve Drug Cravings: Scientific American

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Researchers have come up with a way to help prevent recovering drug addicts from relapsing -- without using other pharmaceuticals to help. The approach involves modifying addicts' behavior by weakening their memory of drug taking, which relieves their cravings and might help to prevent relapse.
Side effects may include: Rapid Onset Personality Disintegration, dissociative disorders, loss of sense of identity, paranoia, you become the guy from Memento, ultra-vivid nightmares that may or not be related to your extinct memories, zombieism, and lycanthropy. In rare cases, brain damaged individuals may join a local chapter of the Tea Party. Contact your doctor immediately if hear voices, feel strange compulsions, vote Republican, or listen to AM talk radio.

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