Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another day, another food truck: Pie Pushers

Pie Pusher

To get straight to the brass tacks: a fine, if unremarkable, slice of pizza and a tasty side of garlic knots undermined by cold tomato sauce for dipping.  I got a single specialty slice, the "Local Farm Hand," which featured carmelized onions, local sausage (meh, not a lot of it and no discernible taste), and mushrooms. The crust was fine, the slice was hot and fresh, the sauce was not bad, but not special, and it was a decent size, but felt overpriced* at $4. The garlic knots, 3 decent sized lumps dough with whole garlic cloves folded in were closer to reasonable at $3, but if I were making the menu at what I thought (knowing nothing about food truck economics) were fair prices for food that came to me, they'd have been $2, and the slice of pizza would've been $3.

* It's not lost on me that I seem to find everything overpriced. I may be getting to the age where the noggin isn't properly adjusting prices for inflation based on a lifetime of experience stretching back to the 1970s. "I remember when a loaf of bread was nickel," my grandparents would say. "Yeah, but Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President then and things have changed," I remember thinking. Am I stuck in the Reagan 80s? What a horrible thought.

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