Sunday, July 31, 2011


Morality Quiz/Test your Morals, Values & Ethics - Your Morals.Org

What's a cdogzilla? What's he like relative to other 'zillas? The results of the questionnaires on the site linked above purport to help answer those questions in at least one germane way. Some background on why I'm taking these quizzes in this video:

My moral 'foundations' 
Here I was, as predicted based my judgement that same-sex marriage is not immoral,
of the belief that it would be beneficial at a low cost to society
Here I seem to be a bit of an outlier, valuing Ingroup loyalty much more than  expected for either liberals or conservatives. I think the reason I scored so high here is I answered all questions that involved lying or 'only' hurting someone's feelings strictly for my own gain as things I would not do for any amount of money.

Let me know if you take and post any of your results. I'm most curious about where you may differ the most with others who self-identify with the same political sentiments, whether liberal or conservative.
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