Friday, July 8, 2011

Ten Years Later: Absolutely convinced I am right, .406 > 56.

cryptonaut-in-exile: .406 Is Greater Than 56: I maintain to this day the Splendid Splinter's .406 is the greater achievement.

I'm a little depressed reflecting on how I got to see the single-season HR record broken several times in my lifetime, and the career HR record, but they don't feel like great moments. If A-Rod breaks Bonds's record, I still will be underwhelmed. No fun watching cheaters prosper. There was a time I thought Nomar might be the next to hit .400 and break DiMaggio's hit streak record. Tony Gwynn looked like he could hit .400. Ichiro looks less likely to have a chance at either, but there was a time I thought both were within his range.
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