Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yes, congratulations on 3,000 future HOFer Derek Jeter. But the guy that wrote this article needs to be fired.

New York Yankees: Derek Jeter brings fans back with 3,000th hit - ESPN New York

Image via NY Daily News

The ball was in the air, disappearing into the kind of white clouds Norman Rockwell loved to paint, and Derek Jeter watched it the way a child watches a runaway balloon floating across a midsummer sky.
I just threw up a little in my mouth. I mean, when you think of Norman Rockwell paintings, which one leaps to mind that even has a cloud in it? You may be more into Rockwell than I am, but I can't even think of one.

And with the deeply absurd lede to this article, the hagiography is complete: Jul 10 02:37:22 via web

Update: I had this rubbed in my face on fbook :)~ (So, OK, there's one. It's still the kind of writing that makes people hate baseball and baseball fans. My congratulations to Derek Jeter, while I still dislike him intensely, are sincere. 3,000 is legendary.)

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