Saturday, July 16, 2011

Well, he's right that somebody's getting "named and shamed."

Member of House leadership team continues use of hateful language | The Progressive Pulse

NC State Rep. Stephen LaRoque

"Anyone who supports a Racist Hate group like the NAACP is a Racist. Thugs Racists like William Barber and his “crew” are shameful and they owe an apology to every citizen of this state. The NAACP does not do any good in our community or any other. They make racist statements and race bait at every opportunity in order to get money and gain influence. The truth hurts sometimes and the NAACP Racists will be called out. The NAACP days are numbered and their Racist leaders are going to be named and shamed." -- Rep.LaRoque AKA 'goodneighbors'
 I'm shocked to find there are unreconstructed racists in the NC Republican leadership!
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