Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Peter Davison joins L&O: UK

Blogtor Who:

Davison and Agyeman via Blogtor Who

Popular actor Peter Davison, (The Fifth Doctor), has joined the cast of the ITV1 show, Law & Order. Already part of the cast is actress Freema Agyeman (who older readers may remember as companion, Martha Jones).
Yep, that'll be enough for me to give it another shot. I watched one episode and was a bit bored when Freema wasn't on, which was entirely too much of the runtime, never got around to tuning back in. 


  1. I found Freema to be the worst thing about the series. I'd like to see how she handles a real story because I've always found her acting a bit wooden. Law & Order: UK, I do like though.

  2. Freema the worst thing about the series? Oh, we disagree there! I thought it was unfortunate her character was written to suffer unrequited love, but I never thought her wooden. I'd maintain the worst thing about the series is a contest between: the withered CGI 10 in a birdcage, The Master hopping around a junkyard shooting lasers out of his fingers or whatever that all was, & that Derek Jacobi didn't remain The Master.


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