Thursday, March 8, 2012

Raleigh church youth director Jerrod Don McCabe ... take a wild guess ...

Raleigh church youth director accused of having child porn:

Jerrod Don McCabe
Jerrod Don McCabe, another wolf in sheep's clothing. 
Authorities arrested Raleigh Chinese Christian Church's youth director Wednesday and charged him with 20 counts of possessing child pornography and third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor.


  1. When kids grow up knowing the real names of their body parts and that they first and foremost have a healthy and shame free purpose, when they understand that there is no naughty that needs to be hid only natural that deserves to be appropriately celebrated kids can't be shamed into silence. For all of the years we've wrangled with this issue it has been consistently argued by organizations that, from a casual examination of the numbers, also have the greatest numbers of pedophile convictions, who get in front of the line to protest, shout, and holler about sex education in public schools. What do you want to bet this theory applies to the church in question.

  2. Yep. Secrecy, shame, "mystery", unquestioning submission to authority, whining about persecution when expected to treat others with respect, these are all the hallmarks of any organization determined to propagate a fraud and conceal malevolent behavior.


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