Friday, July 24, 2015

Euchre: The People's Card Game

The People's Card Game - The Awl

In the fall of 1872, nineteen travelers were marooned in the Arctic Ocean. Lost during the infamous Polaris expedition, this miserable band included sailors, explorers, and a newborn baby. They lived on a five-mile sheet of ice for months, building huts out of ice and snow, and hunting seals for food. During the ordeal, a German immigrant taught the survivors how to play a game with homemade cards called euchre. When they were rescued months later, the makeshift card game was memorialized in a survivor’s diary, a rescuer’s memoir and a Congressional report about the disaster.
Never heard of euchre 'til I moved Wisconsin. (Setback was the game we played in Connecticut.) Never learned to play, so pretty much forgot about it until I came across this article.

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