Monday, July 6, 2015

Don't Believe In Evolution? Try Thinking Harder.

Image via GreenBook

Yet, a third possibility — and one I find compelling — is that effects of cognitive style interact with cultural input. Creationism and belief in God might be "intuitive" for many Kentucky undergraduates not only because these beliefs align well with basic human tendencies, but also because these are the beliefs they grew up with and that dominate their communities. What might require analytic and reflective thought isn't (just) overriding cognitive systems that govern intuition, but overriding the norms of one's upbringing and peers.
These possibilities are neither mutually exclusive nor exhaustive. The fact is, there's a lot we don't know and the reality is likely to be complex. But the new findings by Gervais — and the findings on which they build — already point to the richness of human belief. Evolution isn't controversial for scientific reasons, but it is controversial, in part, for psychological reasons.
Not sure it's a matter of thinking harder, more a matter of slowing down and thinking at all? But that short changes System 1, what it does is cognition, too, but System 2 needs to do the heavy lifting here, and it won't unless it's allowed a crack at it.

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