Sunday, April 12, 2015

Why Wall Street Loves Hillary (And The Rest Of Us Should Be Nervous)

Why Wall Street Loves Hillary - William D. Cohan - POLITICO Magazine

Image via Politico
Many of the rich and powerful in the financial industry—among them, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman, Tom Nides, a powerful vice chairman at Morgan Stanley, and the heads of JPMorganChase and Bank of America—consider Clinton a pragmatic problem-solver not prone to populist rhetoric. To them, she’s someone who gets the idea that we all benefit if Wall Street and American business thrive. What about her forays into fiery rhetoric? They dismiss it quickly as political maneuvers. None of them think she really means her populism.
 "Forays into fiery rhetoric"? Like when she voted to invade Iraq? Like when she spoke out against removing the cap on the Social Security payroll tax? If neither Elizabeth Warren nor Bernie Sanders run, don't forget Dr. Jill Stein.

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