Monday, April 13, 2015

There is some truth in this ...

Hillary Clinton: How Your Friends Are Reacting on Social Media – Flavorwire

Image via Flavorwire
The “Pox on Both Your Houses” Radical. “Another centrist Corporadem/Republicrat,” will be the rallying cry of this person, who reliably brings up how both parties are owned by the banks, the corporations, and the military industrial complex, and notes that Hillary will be indistinguishable policy-wise from Obama. She hasn’t earned squat, this person will declare, adding a shout-out to Edward Snowden, Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders. This person will be close to 100% morally and politically correct, and close to 100% insufferable.
... and it's the "close to 100% morally and politicall correct," bit.

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