Sunday, May 6, 2012

A direct plea to my fellow North Carolinians regarding #AmendmentOne

Look, clearly vlogging isn't my forte. However, please try to look my past my halting delivery, the shortcomings of my low end microphone/webcam set up, and my stupid, fat face. If you're planning to vote for Amendment One, or on the fence, I'd appreciate the chance to speak with you to see if I couldn't convince you to at least look harder at the arguments against before casting that vote.

 Look me up for a hangout on G+ (button in the right column --> ) or drop a line in the comments.

Protect All NC Families


  1. My wife and I are both voting against it on Tuesday.

  2. I'm optimistic but the last polling I've seen still gives 'For' a decided edge.

    "A Public Policy Polling survey released last week showed that 55% of respondents favor the amendment and 41% oppose it. However, when respondents were informed about the broad reach of the amendment, only 38% supported it, compared to 46% opposed." The Advocate

    Ignorance plays such a large part in the 'For' numbers, I can only hope we're all doing as much as we can to talk to people about the impact. I'm glad nearly everyone I know is against it, but disappointed in myself that I can't point to a single person who was for it whose mind I helped change. *punches wall of echo chamber*


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