Monday, March 7, 2011

While NC Pastor Eddie Jordan is shooting up the neighborhood, other dangerous lunatics rail against proposed ordinance to make reckless discharge a crime.

Johnston tackles stray-bullet issue - Johnston County -

Pastor Eddie "Fucknut" Jordan
Image via ... oh man, check out this dude's website ... Eddie Jordan Ministries.

Commissioners were first approached to take action in October when residents near Selma complained that their neighbor was carelessly discharging firearms in the direction of their properties. Sheriff's deputies were dispatched several times to investigate claims of reckless gun use at Eddie Jordan's property. Jordan is pastor of Faith Baptist Church and owner of the Second Amendment [sic*] gun shop in Selma . While he was target shooting, bullets discharged on Jordan's range hit his neighbor's fence and house.
If good fences make good neighbors, then bullet-proof fences still would make Eddie Jordan a menace to society.

Here's why Eddie Jordan should support, even pray for, a law to restrain his reckless behavior: where the law can't curb intolerable behavior, then action outside the law almost certainly will.

Thought experiment. What would you do, as a husband and a father, if you got a call from your wife while she and the kids were huddled in a closet because a bullet struck your house? Suppose after exhaustive efforts working directly with your neighbor, he made it plain to you he had no intention of changing his behavior? Further, you found you had no legal recourse to him from engaging in the same behavior, forcing you to conclude your house might be struck again? I trust you devised a non-violent solution. Now imagine someone less pacific than yourself faced with the same situation.

* Why the sic? Because the reporter made an error: the name of the gun store is Second Amen-ment Gun Store. I'm not kidding.
Via BlueNC
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