Friday, March 25, 2011

The Carolina legacy (I hope someone in Storrs has already started preparing the UCONN version.)

The Carolina legacy: A visual history of 100 years of Tar Heel basketball | Reesenews:

Detail from a much larger image

Here’s a look back at the first hundred years of Tar Heel history— a visual celebration of North Carolina’s best coaches, players and the records they set.
I only blog this because I need UNC to win it all to have a chance at winning one of the pools I'm in this year. Now, I really want UCONN to win it all, and I'd like to see an infographic that gives the Huskies (men's and women's programs) similar treatment.

Plus, it's a sly, understated way of rubbing it in that this year's Carolina squad is doing better than Duke.
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