Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finally, an answer to the burning question of the day: Will the new #Fuquay Krispy Kreme have a HOT sign?

Fuquay-Varina Independent - Some like ‘em HOT:

Yes, the store will have a HOT sign. And yes, the doughnuts will be cooked in Raleigh at the company’s original area store on Person Street.

How can both be true?

The basic cooking will be done at the mother store, but the doughnuts will not be glazed there. They will be shipped to the Fuquay-Varina store where they will be run through a special oven to be reheated and glazed. So a customer can order and receive hot glazed doughnuts in a matter of minutes. Other Krispy Kreme stores in the area operate the same way.
Also, first 50 customers will win some free donuts. So, remember, show up dark and early Tuesday morning to queue up for those first customer giveaways. Only, don't show up earlier than me. Take your time. In fact, why don't wait until the 11am ribbon cutting ceremony?
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