Friday, March 25, 2011

Pedro honored at the Smithsonian

Peter Gammons: Pedro Martinez a portrait of wisdom, goodwill | News:

Pedro (via via AP)

'I want children in the Dominican to have the educational opportunities that people in the United States are afforded, so someday college teams from the Dominican Republic can play against the great colleges and universities in the United States. In the end, education means opportunity.'
He is the best pitcher anyone of my generation ever saw, and we saw Roger Clemens*, Randy Johnson, and Greg Maddux, too, so that's saying something. I don't mean to downplay the long, brilliant careers of those other guys -- in terms of their Hall of Fame credentials you'd probably have to put all three of them in ahead of Pedro, if you were just looking at the back of baseball cards. All I'm saying is what we saw those two magical seasons, 1999 and 2000, from Pedro was unparalleled mastery. I was born too late to see Sandy Koufax and Bob Gibson, but I have Pedro Martinez and I did not get short-changed.

* Had Clemens not turned out be steroid-addled cheater, his claim would've been indisputable. 
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