Friday, July 2, 2004

Off Again

Dark Horizons is reporting that negotiations between the BBC and the estate of Terry Nation have broken down; consequently, no Daleks in the new Who ... until negotiations begin again. Then break down again.

Enough with the Daleks already. The continuity around them is so hopelessly muddled it hardly seems worth the bother anyways. New Doctor, new Tardis (think I read somewhere the blue police box might be gone), new creative team, new baddies,let's make like the McGann and McCoy Doctors never happened and take the show in a new direction, eh?

On a related note, checking to see what Colin Baker's been up to I found (to my complete surprise) that he played a character called "The Stranger" in a series of direct to video releases from an outfit called BBV. Nicola Bryant, Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy and other Who regulars apparently also took part in what appears to be some sort of alternate universe Doctor Who continuity. The description of the first Stranger video at IMDB doesn't sound very promising and I can only assume the production values must be even lower than the BBC standard, judging by the number of typos one can spot on any given page of the BBV website ... still there's the curiosity factor.
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