Monday, March 21, 2011

Misotheism (Forget "Release the Kraken!" the other tagline was better.)

My Take: Why some people hate God – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs:

Misotheism in its various manifestations is a dark, disturbing and perplexing strand of religious dissent. But at the same time, it is an attitude toward the divine that shows just how compelling belief can be.

If people continue to believe in a God they find to be contemptible, then belief is such a powerful force that it cannot be simply switched off on the basis of empirical data. Thus, in the last consequence, the study of misotheism is a testament to the power of belief, albeit a twisted, unconventional form.
Well, maybe don't forget "Release the Kraken!" That was pretty good. (I'm glad I didn't spoil my fondness for the trailers by seeing the movie.)


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