Monday, March 14, 2011

Learn something new every day: Barbara Dane, blues/folk/jazz singer extraordinaire.

Barbara Dane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Barabara Dane via Wikipedia

Heard Barbara Dane for the first time on the way home from work today. They picked exactly the right song to pique my interest:

Sounds like a fascinating life and career. A little embarrassed I didn't know about her 'til today. Hearing the now 83-year-old Dane describe her reaction to being told by a booking agent she couldn't sing in Las Vegas in front of a mixed race band was uplifting:
"They wouldn't go for having a white woman fronting a mixed band," Dane recalls. Her response to the agent's objections was frank, to say the least. "I just flat out said, 'F- - - you, Charlie Barnett!' And I turned around and walked right out."
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