Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My local nuclear power plant is behind schedule completing security upgrades.

Can Shearon Harris withstand a disaster? | abc11.com

While there may be several backup systems in place for natural disasters, Progress Energy admits it has not completed the final post 9/11 security upgrades to help prevent a terrorist attack.

“These are the latest upgrades, we are in the process of executing them,” Lyash said. “They are largely complete but the remaining items we’ll complete over the coming months.”

Jim Warren with the nuclear watchdog group NC Warn says he has other safety concerns about Harris.

“I think it’s reckless for the nuclear power industry in this country to have taken 10 years already in upgrading defenses at these plants,” he said. “They were over 20 years in non-compliance with fire protection, the leading risk for a nuclear meltdown.”
Fire safety, even more than security, seems like the kind of thing you really want to keep on top of. I'm not losing sleep over it, but I live inside that Emergency Planning Zone. I'd rather read stories like "Officials say Shearon Harris meets or exceeds all safety standards ..." or words to that effect.

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