Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Dick Allen, Connecticut's Poet Laureate ...

CCT: Connecticut Poet Laureate:

Dick Allen, CT Poet Laureate

Dick Allen, one of America's leading poets, is preeminent among poets who encourage new sensibilities in poetry and who have brought to contemporary poetry a large array of subjects other than the 'self' and styles other than confessional free verse.
Now would be a great time to start working on, if you haven't already, a Walt Whitman-esque ode (in your Expansive style) to Kemba Walker.

You did fine by Elvis.
... You were

what our parents tried to chase away,
moonshine, warble, A-bomb, drive-in sex,
so raw and aw shucks innocent at once
girls never knew which Elvis would come next,
the bedroom eyes,
or country boy up to his country tricks.
The subject's entirely different, but that's the effort I'm looking for. Don't bother going back to the anagram well though, it's dry.

Kemba, deserving of an ode
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