Tuesday, March 22, 2011

15 Major Fast Food Failures (Except, no, the priazzo was, in fact, full of win.)

15 Major Fast Food Failures - CNBC:


The Pizza Hut chain has never shied away from experimenting with its menu, and the list of new products that have come and gone is long. One such product was the Priazzo, a pie with two crusts that was meant to resemble a Chicago deep-dish pizza.
I was a cook at Pizza Hut (Silver Lane, East Hartford, CT) when the Priazzos were introduced and I can tell you that it was no mistake when an extra one got made and had to be eaten on a break. ("Oops. That ticket didn't say two Veronas? Oh well ...")

The only thing wrong with the priazzo was the pin we stuck in them so they'd cook through didn't always slide right out, and it made a mess if it pulled the top layer of cheese off.  That and occasionally the thin crust dough would be a little to sticky and get stuck in the rolling machine.

Memories of my first job with a real paycheck flooding back now. I wonder if that Pizza Hut is still there?

(Goes off in search of ...)

And, nope ... the building with the distinctive red roof is still there, but that looks like an abandoned building and overgrown parking lot. I see Queen Pizza moved out of the old Cumby's building to where the deli used to be. Don't mind me folks, just reorienting myself in the old hometown via the web...
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